In this article I’m going to outline a few simple, yet extremely effective rainbow trout fishing tips. Are these the best ways to catch trout? This of course would be up for debate, but I can tell you from experience that for the past twenty plus years of fishing for and catching trout these tips have been the best ways to catch trout for me, and I have to assume they will be the same for you.

When we’re talking about rainbow trout it’s important to understand a little bit about them. These fish are voracious predators and are very often at the top of the food chain for the river system that they reside. This means that rainbow trout usually aren’t that difficult to catch, especially when the proper techniques and equipment is employed. Larger rainbow trout (like most fish species) don’t like to expend a ton of energy catching food, so they will find a good ambush spot and tend to sit there and wait for food to come to them. Locating and fishing these area’s thoroughly is of the utmost importance when large rainbow trout are the target. Fishing lures

Below I will list the two best ways to catch trout that I’ve experienced during my twenty five years of trout fishing experience. Each of these techniques is effective and has their time and place when fishing for rainbow trout.

  1. The Rooster Tail Technique – Although various spinners are effective for catching trout my favorite has always been the Rooster Tail. As far as sizes go, you’re going to want to have a variety available. Having a couple of rooster tails in sizes ranging from 3/16 to 1/2 ounce is always a good idea. I’ve always had more success with darker colors such as black, brown, and green. The key is to have a few choices available so that you can experiment to find the most effective. Attach your rooster tail to your line using a piece of line attached to a small barrel swivel. 12 to 18 inches will normally suffice. I like to cast roster tails into pools and deep water runs where it looks like there are good ambush areas such as boulders or fallen trees. It’s always a good idea to vary the speed of your retrieve and even ‘snap’ your rod tip as you reel in. Many times this will trigger a strike.
  2. The Live Worm Technique – Of all the rainbow trout fishing tips that you’ll ever get this one may be the best. Live worms are an extremely effective trout bait, especially when rigged on a set of gang-hooks. These hooks allow for the most natural and realistic presentation of a live worm that’s possible. Attach the gang hooks to your line by again using a small barrel swivel. Weight is added by using split shot sinkers above the swivel. The same areas of the river will be fished as mentioned above. With this technique you fish much more slowly ant thoroughly though. The goal is to bounce your offering along the bottom as it flows naturally with the current of the water that you’re fishing. Many times trout find this technique all but irresistible.


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