There are literally hundreds of options out there for anyone who wants to know how to make free websites. Popular sites like blogger, WordPress, or Weebly allow users to build websites relatively easily, if they are prepared to learn a few basics.

What is great about these sites is that they are designed for the amateur, they are free, and they have a very accessible interface, you can get quite a basic design published in a matter of hours and have it looking perfectly acceptable, yet if you want to spend a little more time on customization and learning about plug-ins and widgets and other extra features, you can do so. e poe tegemine

Of course, some of these services offer premium features, such as WordPress, which offers more functions if you upgrade to the paid service, and blogger also does this, but for the beginner who wants to learn about building a site, platforms such as these are great.

Things that you will need to know

To make a free website, you won’t need to know any code or programming techniques. If you can write an e-mail, you will be able to learn the ropes easily enough. However, you will need to know one or two things:


  • Why are you making your website?
  • How will people find your website?
  • How can you best utilize free plugins and widgets to customize your site?
  • Is there a way to make money from your site? (if that is what you wish)


Perhaps your site is just going to be a fan site or a local blog or something that only friends will be reading. If that is the case, you needn’t worry about things like search engine optimisation or advertising. However, you might still want to know about how to have a YouTube video on your site, how to create a mailing list, or how to even host your site and back up its contents.

Fortunately, there are some very good communities out there designed for helping people build and host websites. Some of them are designed at helping people make money, and the best ones are ¬†and will give you two of your own websites for free, along with teaching you how to build them. It is advantageous to join a community to find your answers, rather than searching on Google or forums, because “static” information such as this can often be false or out of date. Besides, I personally use one of these communities and find it great to be a part of a website building family.


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